Test Facilities Maintenance, Test Management & Services and Test Consultancy/Engineering

ETS is providing three main services: Test Facilities Maintenance, Test Management & Services and Test Consultancy/Engineering; the latter with engineering support from the ESA testing division. In the left menu detailed information can be found on testing- and engineering services.

Maintenance, Management & Test Facility Services

ETS is contracted to maintain the facilities of the ESA ESTEC Test Centre in the Netherlands and to offer testing services directly to industry including the management of large and complex test programmes. The maintained and offered facilities are divided into mechanical-, thermal-, EMC-, data handling and infrastructure facilities:

- The mechanical test facilities/services comprise vibration/shock, acoustic noise, balancing and physical properties measurement.
- The thermal facilities consist of thermal vacuum facilities with which space can be simulated (incl. sunlight and cold)
  as well as altitude simulation/decompression.
- The EMC facility has all the equipment for MIL standard EMC testing.
- The data handling facilities comprise a 500+ channels mobile/modular mechanical acquisition system
  and a 1000 channels mobile thermal acquisition system.
- The infrastructure facilities provide the necessary loading, storage and integration areas for customers including ICT,
  offices and clean rooms.

Test Consultancy & - Engineering

Based on an extensive testing heritage ETS also offers their knowledge within test auxiliaries development and test performance as a consultant. With help of the ESA testing division additional services for test customers are offered: The engineering department is available for the design of test fixtures and test related auxiliaries, the workshop can be used for last minute fixture modifications and a metrology section is available for alignment-, photogrammetry-, high speed camera- and 3D measurement services on site.