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European Test Services (ETS) is maintaining and providing test facility services to European industry by managing and operating the environmental test centre of the European Space Agency (ESA) located in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

ETS is active in mechanical testing, EMC testing, thermal vacuum testing, altitude simulation and more. In addition to the test services, ETS also provides test-related engineering and consultancy services.

Besides testing of spacecraft and space applications, ETS has also become a major supplier of testing services to railway-, marine- and power/electric industry.


The BepiColombo MOSIF TM and
(from Thales/Astrium and JAXA) have been combined tested at 10 times the normal Sun intensity in the Large Space Simulator (LSS). The LSS has been successfully developed to simulate up to 10 times the Sun intensity as in Earth Orbit to simulate the Sun illumination at Mercury planet. Following LSS developments have been made to achieve the above: Collimator mirror segments tilting, new flux sensors, additional shroud, new absolute calibration device.

In near future following BepiColombo models are still to be tested in the LSS: MPO STM & -FM, MTM STM & -FM and the High Gain Antenna.


Test Facilities

Test Facilities


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