16 October 2012
SmallGEO STM successfully finishes Vibration Test
SmallGEO STM on the 640kN QUAD Facility
This week SmallGEO has successfully finished vibration testing on the 640kN QUAD facility by performing a sine burst at 5.8 g! Next planned large test is the thermal vacuum test inside the Large Space Simulator (LSS).

The small European geostationary platform (SmallGEO) for communication applications is being developed by OHB System's lead management under the ESA Artes 11 Programme. On the STM RUAG Space is responsible for the complete Spacecraft Structure Subsystem as well as for Thermal Control and Testing.

The first flight model will be flown by Hispasat, in a Public Private Partnership with ESA, as HAG 1 for advanced telecommunication services.

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